Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
This piece of art is set in the rustic backward community of an under developing country . It ’ s all about a typical young lady , whose beauty is exceptionally beyond measure that lured a man to marry her . Her presence brings some disruption to the man ’ s union with another woman . As this first wife of the man received much pressures from her husband and the new wife , she begins to lay curses on the man and his new bride until her life ebbs away . This unjust treatment that led to her death makes the community to banish the new wife through the pronouncement of the gods , coupled with the sudden death of her husband . She ’ s cast away as a hopeless widow to the Island of grief where she lives , even wears a sackcloth , and bathes once in a day . She lives in a tent , and is badly abused by the custodians of the culture . She ’ s gravely raped , and then becomes pregnant which infuriates the community members to fetch her from the Island for prosecution . However , as fate may have it , the most elderly person sees her as she stands naked waiting to be executed , and recognises her as her daughter . He uses his profound power to abolish widow ’ s rites , and commands that everyone should only worship the only true God .
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