Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
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Who ’ s greater , mightier Than our gods , to set you free From our customs and their cruelties .
The Ugly Eyes of Fate ( Spoken by the Widow )
Truth is always bitter , Illiteracy adds to the humiliation of widows Our people are backward , Uncivilised , barbaric . Why must we be subjected to widows ’ rites , Fetish rites , Dirty rites , Uncivil rites . Why such differences between the widows and the widowers ? Must we truly drink the water used to bathe our dead husbands To prove our innocence ! Should our husbands ' inheritance be taken from us While we wear our sackcloth , and Bathe once a day ?
Who can go through this sordid experience Without suffering mental , emotional , And physical trauma ? Not only has fate fixed its ugly eye on me , Compelling me to undergo the widow ' s rites , It has cast me off from my companions , Made me an object of ridicule ,