Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
27 | P a g e
Ah ! Are you not rebellious to withdraw From worshipping our African gods ? Is this not taboo , Like a promiscuous woman Who deserts her lover for another ? What are these strange things You would do together ?
Our custom forbids the snatching Of a woman ’ s husband , The worshipping of other gods , But all you think and do is contrary ! Will our gods not see you As rebellious as the devil himself ? Will our ancestors not see you as a very witch , A betrayer who never reverenced her fatherland ? I see now that your woes have no remedy For they ’ ve rooted too deep !
Your woes spout out from a decaying mouth , From a soul embittered For the wrongs done to her .
But who can go down into that unseen place To plead with that innocent soul you betrayed , That mercy may prevail ?
Who can pass over there , Crossing the bridge between the living and the dead To loosen the curses hanging around your neck ? Your only hope , a powerful man