Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
If yes , then that was my peril For I was blinded by it , And so now , I suffer for it .
But is polygamy not encouraged And practiced in our land ? If a man desires to marry more than one wife , Does the first wife have anything to say other than To accept it ? Is it not wickedness for a woman to stop her husband From marrying whomsoever his heart desires ? As long as I can recall , My father married and lived happily With multiple wives and with their children .
Why must mere spoken curses Be now plaguing my life ? I cannot eat and have no rest of mind .
I think since our own gods Are proving unreliable I will look to a foreign God , Who knows all my sin , And yet is willing to forgive my woes , For He has every answer for my swarming foes .
Like a Promiscuous Woman ( Spoken by the Widower )
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