Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
25 | P a g e
A heart virus , Eating away at your miserable life , A life that knows no joy Which can cease to exist at any time .
Dear woman , I have yet to see a woman whose ordeals Can be compared with yours .
But as a widow , How is it that your womb is swollen As though it contained a melon crop ?
Are you pregnant ? And who could be responsible for that ?
You have been written off by the community , Yet now your belly is to deliver a baby , You will yet face another misery in life As the practitioners of custom will quiz you With unending series of questions .
Oh , I grieve for you , For the womb that gave birth to you Has regretted and even cursed the day That you were born !
Love is Blind ( Spoken by the Widow ) They say love is blind , But is it truly so ?