Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
24 | P a g e
Are they not seeing the wrongs their worshippers have wrought on me , leaving me despondent ? I am isolated in a desert , yet in their guts and grits , They hiss into my tent and release their assaults on me .
Now pregnant like a pregnant virgin , my life has been overturned . Won ’ t the gods come to my rescue ? Won ’ t they vindicate me before custom vanquishes me ? Must I be only a victim of communal norms ? As powerless as I am , I can ’ t withstand the fibre of men !
The Epithelium of Karma ( Spoken by the Widower )
Your face is like a scroll On which the hands of gods Have inscribed both grief and sorrow . Your face is distorted by pressures unseen , Those pressures yet to erupt .
Have the gods of fate written the epithelium Of karma on your visage ? I can feel your troubled heartbeat , Resonating in my ears . Your unspoken turmoil is like