Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
A Cast Away Widow ( The Widower ) Cast to the depths of rejection , You remain forever like a desecrated cow Rejected by the gods . Cast to the bottomless pit , You remain like a leper marooned in a desert , A secluded island where lawful men fear to go . Only but the blood of that innocent woman Betrayed with no sympathy Will continue to hunt you , In the dream , bathroom , Your ins and outs Keeping your wretched soul restless . Who ' d ever imagine You could act out despicable deeds ? What ear would hear that you could disrupt your friend ' s union , Marital spats you spat like a scattered splash of water ? Now , you have allowed love to rust your ruse , A life dressed with glittering beauty , A beauty that charmed the eyes that beheld it , Now has been bewitched by its crescent .
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Suffer Me Not ( Spoken by the Widow )
It ’ s a tradition that designs your fate , So , suffer me not to moan mine .