Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
You are the only woman ordained by curses , Curses that no ancestors can undo . And now , our ancestors have labelled you A forbidden woman , Who ' ll always remain a widow Until the unseen zoom you off the Earth .
18 | P a g e
A Fowl Without a Hunky Dory ( Spoken by the Widow )
Are my whims and vims unpardonable ? Am I the only fowl without a hunky dory ? Why must I be in a society with unfair traditions ? I guess fate ' s working against me ! What a story your mum told you That ’ ll tingle the ears that hear Break the hearts that bear And arouse tears in the eyes that imagine it That ’ s not : that widow is a witch Languishing her co-wife And vanquishing her husband ?
They ’ re not new but tradition is reviving them , Echoing them through the waves customized In every mouth of gossips . Let all the beasts blast the blame And see the sore soaring over the sea sod , The sore of solitude Candled by the wind of woe .