Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
What did you hear about me That you want to refrain From consoling me ?
Do you fear the capricious whims That keep you hostage ? Do you think I ’ m born to ruin any man That comes across my way ?
Oh death , you have made my anus open to the sky , Making me lose all possible veneration , And adoration !
Oh , how painful to be a childless widow ! How painful for death to expose you To a brutal custom , Leaving you in the mercies of the rituals , Shaving off your long blonde hair , Forcing you to drink ritual waters , Making you to wear a black garment , A garment of sorrow and humiliation ; Paving ways for wolves to drive in , Devouring the legacies of the man , Which he ' s left behind As nature has made it so .
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A Forbidden Woman ( Spoken by the Widower )
Dear woman , your past offensive deeds