Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
The skylarks sing of your glory as you pass by , The Tigers and Lions seek to praise you And be blessed by your elegant gaze .
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Your presence has sent some souls away To a foreign land . Before you , mountains crumble down , And the earth quakes .
How glorious are you When all the trees and shrubs and flowers Dance to the tune of your beauty ? Will you allow grief to dim your glory ? So , think no more of the man And think no one else So that your days may be long .
As for me , I ’ m not ready To look into a woman ’ s face Let alone think of marriage .
Death has Clothed me with a Sackcloth ( Spoken by the Widow )
If I may grip you by your words , You tend to leave me behind To mourn my situations alone !
Are you leaving me alone Like a cast away woman ? Do you want to isolate me like a leper ?