Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
Should I run to the place of dead to ask her to take back those curses on me ? The unbearable curses proceeding virulently from her mouth as she breathed her last Leaving behind two helpless , motherless kids Who ’ re now destined to remain orphans !
Come Back Again ( Spoken by the Widow )
Come back again For my soul longs to see you again ! Where are you these days Seven good days since my eyes Have gazed upon you again ? Have you gone to despise me more Before the mobs ? Have you learned about my weaknesses And then taken to your heels ?
Oh , I ’ m now an accursed riffraff A woman whose eminent doom Is designed by fate , A woman who ’ s allowed To reap the seed of rife and strife She has sown .
Listen , if you think what I did years ago Was responsible for my woe , Do you think you ' re as flawless as divinity itself ?
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