Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
Do African gods exist at all ? Do they see my affliction at all ? Thereafter , my soul began to long For a Comforter who seems to be invisible ; A Comforter above our gods To wipe away my tears of betrayal That my soul is designed to reap . Yes , I know I did wrong before men and gods By snatching away that great superstar from her A virtuous woman who knew no reproach Until I sneaked in to reproach her , And the star succumbed to my possession . Venomous curses then flooded From her bitter mouth In the house , road , farm , and everywhere she was . I know I did wrong , I know the vile curses await me Since I was too stubborn to seek forgiveness , A word that beseeches reconciliation Lacking in all earnestness A word that would undo the wrongs . But I didn ’ t think of the repercussions Which obviously made its presence felt My star from illuminating my dark days For without him , my light shines not , As I stumble in darkness and despondent gloom . My soul embitters as all I hoped for Have tripped off my fingertips . Where can I see her again to reconcile with her ?
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