Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
Lioness amid thousands of does , Your super star , as you called him , Has kicked the bucket in a most unusual way .
You know he died by fate , Smitten by a python . See no reason to shed more tears , For fate is now severed . The sting of infertility has left you Marooned , without the swell of motherhood .
What your super star couldn ’ t do , I , the supreme super star , will , For the cure of infertility is right at your door .
Think of him no more , For he has gone to sojourn with his ancestors . Who knows if his mouth makes merriment With other women in that sorrowless world ?
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Why must you disparage your quietude With a mournful heart ?
Come unto me , all who are heavy laden ; I can offer you rest . I will make the soul that knows no joy Gleeful once again . I will mend your broken heart ; It shall confess that comfort has come , Beating the drum in the bottom line .