VL OMNI Resources Listen To Your Gut Case Study

LISTEN TO YOUR GUT A VL CASE STUDY THE BUSINESS SITUATION Jini and Ian launched ListenToYourGut. com in 1999 in response to customers ask- ing them how they could get the products that Jini recommended. This was long be- fore formal shopping cart platforms existed and so Jini and Ian created a static web page where customers could order their products. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT For more than 10 years Listen to Your Gut has been providing its customers with tried and true holistic health solutions for combating life-al- tering conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s Disease, IBD, diverticulitis and constipation. Jini Patel Thompson and Ian Thompson founded Listen With steady growth, the couple discovered that they needed a system that would let them look at their customers and what they were buying. They invested in Infusionsoft Marketing Automation software - an all-in- one marketing automation platform that al- lows small businesses to attract customers and grow sales while saving business owners time and money. According to Ian, the shift to Infusionsoft revolutionized the business as well as how ListenToYourGut.com inter- acted and communicated with its customers. That however was not the only change that the couple realized they needed to make. to Your Gut in response to Jini’s own personal journey with widespread Crohn’s disease. By combining their passion for healthy, holistic liv- ing and by letting people knows that by listen- ing to their gut they can not only be disease free but also be healthier than they ever imagined. In 2006, they converted their custom database to 1ShoppingCart.com (an ear- ly shopping cart platform). By 2012 they found that 1ShoppingCart.com had too many limitations to support the number of orders that they were receiving and the number of products they were sell- ing. Moving toward the Amazon web store model the couple switched from 1Shop- pingCart.com to BigCommerce, which al- lowed for more flexibility for the end cus-