VL OMNI Resources Amazon How-To Guide | Page 2

Overview This how-to guide is designed to serve as both an overview of Amazon for sellers and a guide for businesses looking to leverage the Amazon marketplace to their advantage over the long term. This guide will outline the general history and culture within Amazon, the various categories of sellers, the technical requirements, and the challenges facing online sellers. This document will provide de- tailed information for your company on how to best utilize Amazon’s various marketplaces to their full extent from both a seller’s and a busi- ness development perspective. We hope to inspire and encourage you through this ebook to think beyond Amazon into business strategy, scalability, technology stack, and data integration to help your business reap all the oppor- tunities Amazon’s marketplace as well as those benefits other market- places have to offer. While Amazon is a great platform for businesses to sell large quantities of inventory on the internet, businesses are often faced with complex issues that require strategy and planning well in advance of en- countering them. 2