Vive Charlie Issue 26 | Page 36

I have issued a fatwa against this Bohmermann dude. As your master and overlord I demand you immediately arrest and imprison him

But we have freedom of

expression in my nation

Master, we cannot do this

I have discovered 18th century Germanic law, which states anyone guilty of an insult to a sovereign or regent of state shall be punished with imprisonment

Oh well, in that case, I’ll issue an arrest warrant immediately Master

The world was stunned today by the revelation Germany has a comedian. However, this was quickly quashed when double agent Angela Merkel, in collaboration with Admiral Erdogan, issued a fatwa for the arrest and imprisonment of Jan Bohmermann

I see freedom of expression is yet again under attack by the even darker side of the force. We need to react.

I agree, the Secular Alliance must double down on insulting Admiral Erdogan and encourage everyone around the world who values

freedom of expression to join in by writing offensive Erdogan poems

Help you I will, as Erdogan is difficult to rhyme. The best word to rhyme with Erdogan is Padawan