Vive Charlie Issue 2 - Page 3

The first issue of Vive Charlie was very well received and has been viewed online by more than 5,000 people so far. We asked you, our Patrons, to share the link to issue one to spread our message and you have done exceptionally well, thank you.

By the time you read this, we will have made issue one public for the purposes of promotion to attract more patrons. We are still in the early days, but the support so far from patrons and contributors has been fantastic. We are still short of the monthly target that would make Vive Charlie self-sufficient. Currently Vive Charlie is reliant on subsidies from the co-founders @JihadistJoe and @noisykafir, so please continue to spread the word to ensure we are able to continue offending as many people as possible.

We are still developing new characters and we have received some excellent ideas from patrons that are already in planning. The team of contributors that made issue one and issue two possible also need to be acknowledged. Below is a list of all those involved:
















There are more contributors that wish to remain anonymous, responsible for writing, administration and the ongoing development of our website

We now have a Facebook page so if you are on Facebook, please stop by and like the page.

For those patrons that are due rewards (t-shirts and baseball caps) we will commence mailing these once payments have been processed and we have sufficient funds to cover their cost and delivery, so please bear with us.

We will also be printing a limited number of hard copies of issue one. Once we have these we will be auctioning them to raise funds that will contribute to our operational and materials costs.

We hope you enjoy issue two of Vive Charlie and thank you for your continued support.