Vive Charlie Issue 2 - Page 25


It’s pretty clear that jihadists have an acute case of cartoonophobia so unleashing a payload of Muslamic kryptonite on them will have them cowering in caves for years.

After a long career of performing the sacred Brit Milah, Rabbi Israel Goldberg decides to retire. As is the orthodox custom, Rabbi Goldberg collected each foreskin and preserved them according to the prescribed method. As you can imagine, he had quite a collection! Misses Goldberg would always complain about the amount of dust the preserved foreskins gathered and how she was endlessly dusting them. The rabbi, being a frugal man, decided against throwing them out as that would be wasteful. He decides a good use for the large collection of tips would be to have something made out of them.

Rabbi Goldberg looks online and finds a nearby leather goods manufacturer. He walks the several blocks to their building and meets with a salesman. He asks “Can you do anything with these?” The salesman looks at the collection of foreskins, studies them for a few minutes and replies “Of course. I’ll have something for you in two weeks. Come back then”

After two weeks, the rabbi returns to the leather manufacturer and asks for the salesman. The salesman comes out carrying a small package and hands it to the rabbi. The rabbi opens the package and sees a wallet.

In disbelief Rabbi Goldberg exclaims “Oi vey! After sixty years you would think that you could do better than a wallet!”

The salesman replies “Don’t worry, rub it a few times and it will turn into a suitcase”

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