Vive Charlie Issue 2 - Page 24

Useful Idiot and undercover Muslim, Barry Hussain Obama has clearly been taking lessons from his friends at the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. His skills at taqiyya are now up there with the best of his bearded muppet brothers from these terrorist organisations.

Obama has rejected an opportunity to meet with Israel’s Netanyahu in March when he'll be in Washington to address Congress, because he claims (taqiyyas) that he “doesn’t want to influence the Israeli elections”. This is at the same time as using US taxpayer money to fund a campaign in Israel called V15, or Victory 15, in an effort to influence the outcome of the elections in around six weeks time.

To make his taqiyya utterly outrageous, the Victory 15 team that recently arrived in Israel, not only includes Jeremy Bird Obama’s national field director for his 2012 election campaign, but an additional 13, yes 13, of Obama’s 2012 campaign team.

Will Barry Obama be taking a PhD in Taqiyya back to Kenya when he leaves office?

By @EppersonDon