Vive Charlie Issue 2 - Page 23

To get back to the issue of the ''Libertarian Left''... To support Islam in the name of democracy is no different from being ''the stupid steer which licks the knife of the butcher'', as you go on licking, the knife would cut your throat sooner or later...

Wake up from your sleep of negligence before it's too late...

Serkan Engin is an atheist author and poet, who lived as a Sunni Muslim for 23 years from birth, and is still living in a Muslim country, Turkey. Also, his parents and all of his relatives are still Muslim. So, his views about Islam can be easily consider an inside view.

Christianity which its existence for the masses didn't pose any threat of a ''nation of Islamic sharia'' to be built within a period of struggles for reformation throughout hundreds of years and subsequently a period of development of rationality, science, art and philosophy without restraint, and without making a proper research on the theology of Islam, certainly you fall into carelessness as the atheist socialists had to have the right attitude against religion. So you say ''We demand that religion be held a private affair so far as the state is concerned.'' just like Lenin, but considering religions on the face of earth doesn't consist of Christianity; no socialist state, and of course no socialist has the right to fall into heedlessness like saying ''religion be held a private affair'' as Islam kills, rapes, extorts the property of people who aren't Muslim in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia; which are the countries that haven't passed over the ''stone age'' period yet.

I wont let

extremists silence

voices and opinions.

Je suis Charlie

A source close to Mr Zuckerberg confirmed “Mark

doesn't give a shit about free speech, only money”. So we are sending Mark a JE SUIS UN ASSHOLE t-shirt

Boxing fans are rioting all over Turkey tonight after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg agrees to ban all pictures of Muhammed in Turkey