Vive Charlie Issue 19 - Page 48

So utterly convinced are they that their totalitarian vision of the world is what’s best for all of us, they do not question the morality of activities they undertake. Their sole consideration is on how much damage they can inflict on to those who disagree with them. Disagreeing with a leftist vision for the world is an unpardonable sin, as Maryam Namazie knows well. Maryam really ought to spend a bit more time wondering why on earth the voluntary life-span of OLFA volunteers is usually so short.

Some extreme left groups, like Hope Not Hate, pretend to care about Islamists and to condemn them. They also believe they are owed congratulations for this. It is easy to condemn beheadings, but until there is condemnation of the fact that a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s, or recognition of the nature of the awful Muslim Brotherhood, the position of these groups cannot be taken even remotely seriously.

Hope Not Hate has called for the Mohammed cartoon exhibit to be banned. Of course it has, its members believe that only political campaigning they approve of should get the light of day.

Extreme leftists despise democracy and routinely interrupt the democratic process. They cannot allow voices like mine to be heard (just in case people might agree with us) so instead of facing up to the points raised, or the facts stated, they attack speakers and intimidate people in to not listening. It’s really got to be understood that the extreme left in Britain represents a real threat to political freedom. They have defined the parameters of speech and a have a tied-and-tested weapon against all who dare to dispute them.

My own thought is that the best way to deal with groups like Hope Not Hate is to make sure they have no bearing on my decisions whatsoever. I won’t let them dictate who I can speak to about a website, or who I can work with on Sharia Watch. Being directed by the lies of groups like this is not an option. I know what my motivations are, and I don’t give a damn what smears Hope Not Hate decides to conjure up.

In the face of their lies, there is only one thing that I, and all who agree with me, can do – carry on.

We are actively fund raising to ensure the exhibition goes ahead and has adequate security for all those in attendance. If you would like to make a donation then you can do so via the website of Anne Marie Waters

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