Vive Charlie Issue 19 - Page 29

I see Britain’s favourite fundamentalist is on another recruitment drive

He’s been doing it for

years, he’s radicalised

hundreds, but we can’t

touch him, he is free to

say what he likes

We’ll have to put pressure on Dhimmi Dave to change the rules of the game in our favour so we can bust him

I’ll tell Dave that CP3Obama

has just announced the very same initiative and he’ll follow suit like the lapdog he is

That’s going to be

tough, he’s on our payroll as

an informant, but I’ll see

what I can do

Even the Muslim Brotherhood’s biggest fan, C3PObama, has changed the game so he can take out agents of Moe the Merciless. You need to get with the times so we can stop the caliphate's area manager for Europe,

Andy Choudary

In a change to his

usual ‘Nothing To Do With

Islam’ announcements, Dhimmi Dave has declared he is now prepared to tackle the poisonous ideology that’s being spouted

by hate preachers to recruit would be terrorists