Vive Charlie Issue 19 - Page 28

Episode sixteen. In expanding his evil empire, Moe the Merciless, needs to boost his numbers of blasphemy law enforcers and will go to any lengths to recruit the right sort. The Secular Alliance is determined to stem the flow of those being radicalised and joining the ranks for Moe the Merciless.

We need to recruit more

soldiers for Allan to continue expanding our caliphate

No problem, I’ll

launch a special appeal

on my TV show

Don’t forget to

mention all the perks

we are offering

Will do boss

Brothers, come

and join ISIS and help

us build the next golden

age of Islam and our very own modern caliphate. We’re offering the full benefits package of an afterlife with 72 virgins in paradise and rivers of wine

You also get to

butcher infidels and take

as many sex slaves as you

want. Allan Ackbar