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Amanda Edmondson Director of Communications & Marketing GLMS Mission Promote the science, art and profession of medicine; Protect the integrity of the patient- physician relationship; Advocate for the health and well-being of the community; Unite physicians regardless of practice setting to achieve these ends. Notice Vital Signs is published by the Greater Louisville Medical Society, 328 E. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 Phone (502) 589-2001 Fax (502) 581-9022 For more information, contact Aaron Burch at (502) 736-6338 or [email protected] N TI EA McKenna Byerley Public Relations & Membership Kate Williams GLMS Communications Designer Aaron Burch GLMS Communications Specialist G Bert Guinn, MBA, CAE Executive Vice-President/CEO LE SS FR EQ David Watkins, MD Vital Signs Adviser Vital Signs Team ntermitte I n ng Vital Signs is brought to you by the physicians of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. It is a free health and wellness publication intended for educating patients on important medical health topics. Vital Signs FI UENTLY BENE UR O T Y An interview with Dr. Martin Huecker Being happy and healthy in your own body is a lifelong journey which requires disci- pline and dedication. To combat the effects of poor eating habits, there are thousands of different diets to consider. Today, we will learn more about a popular eating practice that allows any person to eat what they want, within reason, and still see positive health benefits. The practice is called intermittent fasting. To participate, you simply pick an “eating window” of eight hours or less each day; you do not eat outside of the designated window. During the eight hour eating window, eating takes place as it would normally. There are several proven health benefits to the practice of intermittent fasting. To explain more about this new popular habit is Dr. Martin Huecker. Dr. Huecker is an emergency room physician at the University of Louisville Hospital. He’s also a scientist interested in the machinations of the human body as it relates to health and nutrition. GLMS Communications Specialist Aaron Burch sat down for an interview with Dr. Huecker to learn more about the practice of intermittent fasting. Copyright 2018 The Greater Louisville Medical Society. All rights reserved. 2 VITAL SIGNS Volume 13 • Issue 2