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physicians involved to ask just two questions to their patients,” Ball explained. “They ask, ‘Have you run out of food in the last 12 months?’ and ‘Have you feared running out of food in the last 12 months?’ If they react affirmatively, the doctor will tell them about the Prescriptive Pantry where they can be provided with food for their family. If not, it’s still good information for them to know. Food is a touchy subject, and many are hesitant to be open. But, we’re hoping that by having this information come from trusted physicians, it can make people feel at ease.” The Prescriptive Pantry program is still growing, but expansion is expected throughout 2018. It’s one more way that Dare to Care Food Bank is extending access to food any way they can. The ability to access food is essential for those in need. However, what if they don’t know what to do with the meal once they receive it? Dare to Care’s Cooking Matters course was designed with that question in mind. Created by the national nonprofit Share Our Strength, Cooking Matters is a six-week course taught by a chef and a dietician. Each class holds up to 15 people who are given hands on experience with two recipes. Dare to Care has become the designated providers of the program within Kentucky and Indiana. somehow. The chef gives directions while the dietician explains what they’re eating. Then the group eats the food together and discusses what they like, if they’ve tried it before, would their family eat it, etc.,” said Bell. “At the end, the classmates take home a bag of ingredients so they can replicate the two recipes. It’s empowering people to cook on their own and learn what to do in the kitchen.” Cooking Matters classes are available for adults, families, high school and middle school students. “Cooking is something that isn’t really taught now. Plus, people have busy lives. This is teaching them that you can cook fast and gain skills which will make your family healthier,” said Ball. There’s a good chance that you or someone you know has been touched by the Dare to Care Food Bank. To volunteer with the organization or request food services, visit In the upper-right hand corner are two buttons: “Need Food” and “Donate Now!” They can guide you where you need to go. If you don’t receive the help you need on the website, call 502-966- 3821 to talk with a Dare to Care Food Bank professional. Hunger won’t go away overnight, but the work done by organizations like Dare to Care can ease the pain of thousands. “In these courses, Everyone gets involved in the cooking process Vital Signs is a publication from 8 VITAL SIGNS Volume 13 • Issue 1