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What resources would you recommend for patients and families wanting to learn more? “ There are a variety of resources both in the city of Louisville and online. There is the Parkinson’s Disease Support Center Kentucky located at 315 Tone Park Circle in Louisville. Their phone number is 502-254-3388. A colleague of mine also suggested Rock Steady Boxing at Louisville. Non-combat boxing drills emphasize core strength, balance and rhythm, and can help keep the mind healthy. Their phone number is 502-254-3388. There are also several notable websites with great information, including,, and ” What else is important for patients to know that we haven’t mentioned? Everyone is different. Not everyone develops Parkinson’s in the same way. Some go slower, some go “ faster. Some see deficiencies on the left side of the body, some on the right side. Everyone has their own disease. Because of that, I try to individualize the treatment based on each patient’s development ” and help them whatever way I can. Thank you Dr. Rukmaiah Bhupalam for a wealth of useful information. Dr. Bhupalam is a board certified neurologist associated with Norton and Baptist Health Systems. He graduated from Mysore Medical School in India before coming to America and training at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Have you enjoyed reading Vital Signs ? Get healthy tweets by following @VitalSigns2Go on Twitter. FIND US ON TWITTER @VitalSigns2Go VITAL SIGNS Volume 13 • Issue 1 OR TEXT follow VitalSigns2Go TO 40404. 5