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Vital Signs Vital Signs is brought to you by the physicians of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. It is a free health and wellness publication intended for educating patients on important medical health topics. Vital Signs Team David Watkins, MD Vital Signs Adviser Bert Guinn, MBA, CAE Executive Vice-President/CEO Amanda Edmondson Director of Communications & Marketing Aaron Burch GLMS Communications Specialist Kate Williams GLMS Communications Designer McKenna Byerley Public Relations & Membership LIVING WITH Parkinson’s DISEASE An interview with Dr. Rukmaiah Bhupalam GLMS Mission Promote the science, art and profession of medicine; Protect the integrity of the patient- physician relationship; Advocate for the health and well-being of the community; Unite physicians regardless of practice setting to achieve these ends. Notice Among the most common of neurodegenerative disorders is Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive affliction of the nervous system. The disease may start off hardly noticeable with a slight tremor of the hand or stiffness in the extremities. But, without Vital Signs is published by the Greater Louisville Medical Society, 328 E. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 Phone (502) 589-2001 Fax (502) 581-9022 and physical impact on anyone suffering from it eventually leading For more information, contact Aaron Burch at (502) 736-6338 or [email protected]. There’s no cure for Parkinson’s Disease. If caught early however, proper care, Parkinson’s Disease can have a debilitating mental to trouble walking or standing, the inability to live life without assistance and hallucinations. physicians have numerous ways to combat the effects of the degenerative disorder. This may allow the patient to live a normal life for years, even decades, to come. GLMS visited Dr. Rukmaiah Bhupalam, a practicing neurologist with Norton Neurology Services, to learn more about Parkinson’s Disease and the resources available to fight it. Copyright 2018 The Greater Louisville Medical Society. All rights reserved. 2 VITAL SIGNS Volume 13 • Issue 1