Vital Link No 74 Spring 2019

vital link The Newsletter for Through the Roof New Publication Showing God’s Love in Lagos Breaking Through More Roofs 60 Years of Fun and Fellowship A Capital Fundraiser Wheels for the World in Nigeria Fawasi is 18 and has Cerebral Palsy. He has never been able to speak or walk and is cared for by his grandmother. Sadly she can no longer physically lift him. They travelled a long distance to meet our team at the distribution centre in Lagos in the hope of getting a wheelchair to make life easier. Fawasi has difficulty bending his knee when seated and so after careful assessment by Lynne, one of our therapists, she selected a suitable wheelchair and used foam to raise one of the footrests to make it more comfortable. She also taught Granny how to position Fawasi in bed with the mattress and pillows they would take home with them, to protect his hips and improve posture while sleeping. Fawasi attends his local mosque but accepted a Bible when offered and Lynne was able to share John 3:16 with him and his grandmother. Fawasi was clearly delighted with his new chair, grinning broadly and thrusting his arms in the air in spontaneous thanksgiving. “The distribution was a life changer” International Missions Manager, Shaun, led this Wheels for the World trip - our first to Lagos, Nigeria. We partnered with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation Nigeria (OIFN www. – a charity that improves the lives of people with brittle bones through raising awareness and providing equipment and wheelchairs. Founder, Tarela Aghanti, described No: No: 60 Summer 74 SPRING 2014 2019 the impact of Wheels: “The distribution gave hope and life to people and their families, it put smiles on their faces, gave people reason to live for. The distribution was a life changer and has impacted life positively. I have been called by other states in the country to help their disabled which is a great response.” One of the team spoke tearfully of her realisation and heartache for the great need, lack of resources, and her fears for the many disabled people whose needs might not be met. However, we were glad to help change the lives of many, such as Oluwa who is 52 years old and had an accident as a child. She cannot feel her legs at all, and has spent her entire life bent over double, moving around on all fours using her hands to move her feet – a slow and humiliating process. Doctors said she needed a wheelchair, but she could never buy one. Oluwa’s husband divorced her and her only child died, so she lives with her brother and his family. She was so excited to receive her wheelchair, saying it would be life changing for her- she would be able to go to the shops, sing at Church, nobody would stare at her any more, and she hoped to start her own business. Helping this lady was a profound experience for team members, Beth and Sally. This trip was not without its challenges, including hospital strikes, political leaders using our presence to gain recognition, and an armed response vehicle escorting us amid fear of riots. Some of the (Continued on page 2)