Vital Link No 73 Winter 2018

vital link The Newsletter for Through the Roof Holiday in a Heatwave This Holiday “Has Woken a Passion in Me” Job Opportunity Retreats and Holidays in 2019 Bringing Life Holidaymaker Sarah Jeal shares her life-changing experience of our Center Parcs holidays… I’ve been going to Centre Parcs with Through the Roof since they began running holidays there 3 years ago, and I love it! Going on these holidays has woken a passion in me to stand in the gap for disabled people, and particularly to help Christian holidays and events become fully accessible. Each June a group of people, some disabled, and others not, go to Nottingham Center Parcs, staying in two lodges for a great time of individual and group activities (my favourite is archery), fellowship, and a daily time of seeking God. At mealtimes everyone plays their part in some way – a few prepare the meal, while others lay the table or wash-up, someone gives thanks, and then we all eat. Often everyone from the two different lodges comes together for dinner. It’s quite cramped to get all of us round the table, but we can go outside if the weather’s nice. On the last night we go to one of the restaurants on site. These holidays are a real blessing to me because it’s the only holiday I go on, and it’s great to fellowship with other disabled and not-disabled people who love the Lord. It’s also a place where I can grow my God-given gifts, so it has really impacted my life. I love our Time With God sessions, having sung worship, talks, prayers and activities to help us get closer to God. I love being part of the team that prepares these, hearing from God before we go on the holiday, and how He links it all together during the week. No: No: 60 Summer 73 WINTER 2014 2018 Each year we look at a different topic and a Bible verse. We put the Bible verse on the wall so that we are able to remember it. Last year we talked about Grace and how we need to ask God to be present in everything we do. We used the Bible verse Philippians 4v13 which talks of us being able to do everything God wants us to through His strength within us. This year we focused on God being with us here on earth as well as in heaven using Matthew 6v10. I contributed by doing one of the talks out of a series of four. This holiday is a big group of friends going away together where everyone’s gifts and talents are valued, so everyone is making a contribution to the smooth running of the week. God is always there with us in everything we do, guiding, protecting and loving us. This holiday is a big group of friends going away together where everyone’s gifts and talents are valued I would recommend it to anyone who wants to contribute by using the gifts and talents God has given them. Until we get there we don’t know who will be doing the same activites as you but I am already praying for and looking forward to next year’s Center Parcs holiday! You can find out more details about the dates for next year’s breaks later on in this newsletter.