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The Newsletter for Through the Roof
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No : No 60 : Summer 79 WINTER 2014 2020
Through the Roof has found an alternative way to meet the needs of disabled people and keep the wheels turning for Wheels for the World throughout the ongoing restrictions to international travel .
We will continue to ship wheelchairs overseas while now offering live remote support from the UK to provide a ‘ Supported Wheelchair Distribution ’. We ’ re delighted to launch this project in partnership with Hope Health Action ( HHA ). HHA are a Christian healthcare and disability non-governmental organisation ( NGO ) working with some of the world ’ s most vulnerable people . Visit www . hopehealthaction . org for more about Hope Health Action .
Through the Roof will work with HHA ’ s team on the ground in northern Uganda , to empower them to take lead responsibility for a wheelchair distribution . Back in the UK Wheels for the World therapists and techies will be on hand to give one-to-one input and mentoring via video calls to their Ugandan counterparts . We hope that relationships with partners will be strengthened despite the 5,000 miles between us .
We first worked with HHA in 2019 . Now we ’ ll combine resources for this supported distribution in rural northern Uganda to disabled refugees . The wheelchairs are currently on their way , and the distribution is planned to take place early 2021 .
This new model will help those in great need , whilst also empowering local people to use their skills , and grow in confidence and responsibility with the experience of UK practitioners to call upon for quality assurance .
“ Life without mobility in a refugee settlement is extraordinarily hard . This project brings a great deal of hope .”
HHA are recognised as being ‘ COVIDcompliant ’ and can conduct the distribution to ensure the safety of all workers and every disabled client . Izzy Cumming-Bruce , HHA ’ s East Africa Director , said , “ COVID-19 has presented many challenges in Uganda and this project brings a great deal of hope . Life without mobility in a refugee settlement is extraordinarily hard and the need for wheelchairs remains very high . HHA is extremely excited to put all their training and experience into practice to serve our disabled brothers and sisters together . We ’ re so grateful to TTR for this innovative partnership .”
This project will help people like Maurice who was helped the last time the two organisations collaborated . Maurice is 34 from South Sudan . Paralysed in an accident he now lives in the refugee camp in Uganda , along
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