Visits and Trips Magazine Issue 3 | Page 15

Itinerary #1 – Distinctly Scotland: Edinburgh, Tartan, Highlands, Whisky 3 days – Starting in Scotland’s capital, make time to visit Edinburgh Castle and the medieval quarters that hold over 1000 years of history. Learn about traditional tartan at the Tartan Weaving Mill on the Royal Mile near Edinburgh Castle, and get a head start on Highland traditions. 3 days – Move into the Highlands, explore ancient landscapes and mysterious lochs. Get acquainted with the Scotland of your imagination. 2 Days – to the East of Inverness, follow the renowned Malt Whisky Trail, through one of the country’s best-known whisky regions, Speyside. Itinerary #2 – Get your feet wet: Coastal towns, Highland walking, Ferry to the Islands 3 days – Starting in Aberdeen, get a royal taste of the coastal region much-adored by the nobles. Aberdeen is home to the country’s only Castle trail, showcasing over 300 castles. These make for gr X]Z[?H^KZ][?\?\?Y\?[??[Z[H^?\??[?? ^\?8?$?[?H[??HY?[??[??]?[?[??H[???H???[?8?&\???Z?[???]\?[?X]]H[???????YH????[?8?&\?X??X??]?\?????H??\??H??XK???]\?Z?HH8?'?^\?YH?^K8?'H?[??[?????H?^H?^H\?]?\??]?Y[[?K[?HX\??H?Z\????\??][?[\?? ^\?8?$?[?[???\? \??[8?&\?][?X?\?[??[??\?H?X]?^H??YHH?[XZ[???\?[??\?][?[[?[??Y[??Y?[????