Visit Sitka Magazine 2020-21 | Page 2

WELCOM E Yak’éi yee xwsateení. IN SITKA A TEMPERATE RAINFOREST BLANKETS the land in spruce green stretching skyward to snow-capped heights. Water, the lifegiving element that shaped it all, still lingers in frozen glaciers and in powerful waterfalls cascading into teeming salmon streams. Eagles, brown bears, whales, sea lions, and all five species of Pacific salmon call this pristine and majestic wilderness home. On this island, we celebrate the natural world around us while also honoring the people who have carved out a unique and rich way of life here. The Tlingit, an Alaska Native people who have lived here in harmony with the rugged landscape for 10,000 years, still shape the Sitka way of life—a unique blend of first peoples, Russian influence and American frontier. This fusion of art, culture, and wilderness gives life to locals and travelers alike. We invite you to explore everything Sitka has to offer—unparalleled wilderness adventure, wildlife encounters, enriching historic and cultural experiences as well as cutting-edge arts exploration. Fall in love with our Sitka and you will never want to leave. Enjoy your journey and gunalchéesh! Thank you! Adam Ramer