Vision Zero San Francisco - Page 9

Social Equity A third of San Francisco’s streets run through historically disadvantaged communities but almost half of the High-Injury Network is located in these neighborhoods. Social equity is at the core of Vision Zero. A disproportionate amount of the High-Injury Network is located in "Communities of Concern," defined by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as low-income communities, communities of color, and areas with high concentrations of seniors and people who rely on walking and transit as their primary means of transportation. In San Francisco, seniors are five times more likely to be fatally injured in a pedestrian collision. Children and people with disabilities are also disproportionately at risk. To ensure equity and to protect the most vulnerable people, the Two-Year Action Strategy prioritizes projects improving safety near schools, around housing for seniors and people with disabilities, and in communities of concern. Communities of Concern and the Vision Zero High-Injury Network 9 Vision Zero Two-Year Action Strategy