Vision Zero San Francisco - Page 6

Why Now? Traffic Fatality Data While San Francisco is one of the nation’s most walkable and bikeable cities, it is ranked worst among California counties for walking injuries and seventh for bicycling injuries by the California State Office of Traffic Safety. Every year, about 30 people lose their lives and over 200 more are severely injured while traveling on city streets. More than 50 percent of traffic deaths in San Francisco are people walking – compared to 14 percent nationally – and more people bicycling have died in traffic collisions in recent years. While people walking comprise approximately half of fatalities on San Francisco streets, people driving are deemed at-fault in approximately two-thirds of severe and fatal traffic collisions. Other, Not Stated 1% Other,Undetermined 7% Not Undetermined 7% Stated 1% Pedestrian 20% Motorist 29% Bicyclist 11% Motorist 29% Pedestrian 60% Bicyclist 7% Pedestrian 60% Bicyclist 11% Traffic Fatalities, 2013-2014 San Francisco Police Department* Pedestrian 20% Motorist 65% Bicyclist 7% Motorist 65% Party Identified as Primary Cause: All Fatal Collisions, 2008-2012 Data reported by San Francisco Police Department to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System * Motorist includes motorcycles 6 Vision Zero Two-Year Action Strategy