Vision Zero San Francisco - Page 4

Achieving Vision Zero in San Francisco Vision Zero SF: Because a mistake on the road should never result in serious injury or death. Every year in San Francisco, about 30 people lose their lives and over 200 more are seriously injured while traveling on city streets. These deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable, and San Francisco is committed to stopping further loss of life. The City and County of San Francisco adopted Vision Zero as a policy in 2014, committing to build better and safer streets, educate the public on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws and adopt policy changes that save lives. The goal is to create a culture that prioritizes traffic safety and to ensure that mistakes on our roadways don’t result in serious injuries or death. The result of this collaborative, citywide effort will be safer, more livable streets as we work to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024. 4 About the Two-Year Action Strategy The Vision Zero Two-Year Action Strategy outlines the projects and policy changes the City plans to pursue in the next two years to build safety and livability into city streets. The Action Strategy encompasses a broad range of solutions to address street safety comprehensively and citywide. Solutions fall within five categories: engineering, education, enforcement, evaluation and policy. See pages 12-18 for the specific policies and programs City departments have committed to prioritize. Vision Zero Two-Year Action Strategy