Vision Zero San Francisco - Page 19

Benchmarks The annual reporting of fatal and severe traffic injuries will be the primary benchmark of success in reaching San Francisco's Vision Zero goal. The following measures are key indicators of progress on Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Evaluation and Monitoring, and Policy efforts to advance the City’s goal of zero traffic deaths. Annual Metrics Direction of Change Previously Identified in Pedestrian or Bicycle Strategy? Total severe and fatal injuries Decrease Yes Proportion of severe and fatal injuires by Supervisorial District, Decrease inequities Yes GENERAL transportation mode, by age and in Communities of Concern Medical costs at SF General Hospital for transportation collisions Decrease ENGINEERING Number of engineering projects implemented, and miles Increase Yes Decrease Yes of streets/intersections receiving safety improvements ENFORCEMENT Speeds on San Francisco Streets (85th percentile, average, percent exceeding speed limit) Citations issued: a) 50% for Focus on the Five by District a) Focus on the Five b) per SFPD officer, b) Increase by 25% per officer based on full c) by violation type and by police district staff c) Monitor correlation between primary violations in severe/fatal injuries and citation locations /violation types cited. Investigation and prosecution of vehicular manslaughter Increase in investigation EDUCATION Public awareness of Vision Zero, its principles, underlying safety issues Increase and traffic safety laws POLICY Policy change made at local and state levels to advance Vision Zero City and County of San Francisco Increase 19