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Policy Purpose: Identify an agreed upon set of policy initiatives that partners can support and mobilize behind at the local and state levels to advance awareness of Vision Zero and enable programs and projects that support the goals of Vision Zero. Outcomes: • Advance package of administrative and legislative initiatives to support Vision Zero • Gain support from local, regional, state and federal policy bodies • Ensure safe design practices are incorporated during the planning stage of development Two Year Action Items Lead Agency Participating Agency Milestone Advance Automated Safety Enforcement initiative at the state level SFMTA Mayor’s Office, BoS, Q1 2015 SFPD, SFDPH • Consider as San Francisco-only pilot around school zones, housing for seniors and people with disabilities • Formalize support from city agencies and key stakeholders Evaluate opportunity for apparatus on vehicles to ensure: SFMTA Q1 2015 • Safety of transit only lanes • Safe driving behavior of all transit and municipal vehicle fleet Partner with Office of Traffic Safety, Caltrans, SafeTrec, Department of SFMTA, SFDPH, SFPD Motor Vehicles, CHP, CDPH, CalSTA, NHTSA and MTC to advance goals of Mayor’s Office, BoS, Q2 2015 SFCTA Vision Zero • Convene on-site workshop/assessment with regional, state and national leadership on Vision Zero administrative and legal issues Work with state agencies including Office of Traffic Safety to streamline SFMTA, SFDPH, SFPD Mayor’s Office Ongoing Work with key policy makers to reduce speeds on city streets SFMTA SFDPH, Mayor’s Office Q4 2015 Report to Vision Zero Task Force annually on the following: Planning state traffic collision data timelines Q1 2016 • Include Vision Zero goal in near term and long term planning documents including the San Francisco General Plan • Review General Plan Referrals to be consistent with Vision Zero goals • Review development projects and inform project sponsors to design projects to be consistent with Vision Zero goals • Require projects subject to streetscape plans per Planning Code Section 138.1, to include pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to the greatest extent feasible, particularly on identified high-injury corridors and intersections • Incorporate safety measures in all streetscape and public realm plans where feasible Develop a funding strategy to institutionalize future policy efforts which support SFMTA Funding Work Group Q4 2015 Vision Zero including developing menu of needs as necessary for grants and other funding opportunities *Note, the next two-year state legislative session starts in January 2015 18 Vision Zero Two-Year Action Strategy