Vision Zero San Francisco - Page 15

Education Purpose: Coordinate among City departments to create a citywide strategy for educational outreach and safety programs. Implement funded education programs, such as Safe Streets SF and Safe Routes to School to support and grow existing partnerships. Outcomes: • Increased departmental cooperation and coordination • Increased stakeholder engagement • Coordinated educational program based on best-practices • Expand the number of coordinated educational programs • Costs for a multi-faceted program will be identified and funding strategies developed • Continued implementation of existing educational programs • Increased awareness of major causes of collisions, fatalities and injuries among all transportation users • Increased awareness of traffic laws, where the failure to follow them is identified • as factor in collisions resulting in severe injury and fatalities. Measureable change in collision-related behaviors Two Year Action Items Lead Agency Participating Agency Milestone Develop a best practice citywide education strategy SFMTA SFDPH, SFPD, SFUSD, Q1 2015 DA, SFCTA, SFE, SFFD Implement year one of education strategy SFMTA SFDPH, SFPD Q2 2015 Develop baseline understanding of educational needs SFMTA SFDPH, SFPD, SFUSD, Q3 2015 Expand education campaign underway: SFMTA, SFDPH SFPD Q1 2016 SFMTA, SFDPH Funding Working Group Q2 2016 DA, SFCTA, SFE, SFFD • Safe Streets SF • Large vehicle safe driving for all municipal vehicles including taxis and transit vehicles and increase coordination with transit operators as well as commercial operators • Administer existing targeted mini-grant program to support and expand community engagement along high injury corridors, including community-based organizations serving vulnerable populations (i.e, seniors, disabled, multilingual and multiethnic populations, etc) Develop a funding strategy to institutionalize future education efforts which support Vision Zero including developing menu of needs as necessary for grants and other funding opportunities City and County of San Francisco 15