Vision Zero San Francisco - Page 14

Enforcement Purpose: Increase individual awareness of their responsibility to the safety of others and themselves. Cite and administer warnings, using a data-driven approach and focusing on violations of the California Vehicle Code and the San Francisco Transportation Code that are identified as causative and associated factors in severe and fatal collisions. This data-driven strategy will be supported by employing best practices and with the use of new technologies by continued coordination between the District Attorney’s Office and the SFPD to investigate and prosecute incidents where there is sufficient evidence to do so. Outcomes: • Comprehensive package of targeted enforcement efforts • Improved method to identify priority enforcement locations • Increased enforcement of most common offenses that result in severe and fatal collisions • Increased transparency of enforcement efforts Two Year Action Items Lead Agency Participating Agency Continue "Focus on the Five" enforcement campaign, targeting violations associated with SFPD Milestone Q4 2016 severe and fatal injuries, high injury areas/corridors, schools, and housing for seniors and persons with disabilities Implement additional strategic enforcement in support of Vision Zero SFPD SFMTA, SFDPH Q1 2016 All existing and new officers to view pedestrian and bicycles safety video SFPD Explore needs for implementation of a vehicular manslaughter unit DA Publish statistics on cases involving severe and fatal collisions DA Advance implementation of Crossroads database for electronic collision data reporting SFPD SFMTA, SFDPH Q4 2015 Explore implementation of E-Citation Pilot SFPD, SFMTA SFDPH Q4 2015 Work with community stakeholders to expand training and education of SFPD officers SFPD Ongoing Funding Working Group Q4 2015 Q4 2015 and real-time data sharing with SFMTA and SFDPH Ongoing regarding the rights and responsibilities of everyone on the road SFMTA Parking Control Officer (PCO) program will identify duties that support Vision Zero SFMTA SFPD Q1 2015 goals and complete PCO program resource optimization process and formalize means by which PCOs may be assigned those Vision Zero-supporting duties Provide a report to the San Francisco Police Commission every quarter, to be SFPD Q1 2015 calendared for the second Police Commission meeting of the quarter (report will also be made available to stakeholders), regarding the progress made toward Vision Zero including, but not limited to: • Number of traffic citations given (by total and by mode) • Number of collisions attributed to one of the five primary collision factors • Number of people receiving citations/arrests at the scene of traffic collisions vs. number of collisions • Number of operations around school facilities and senior zones • LIDAR (speed detection device) statistics Develop a funding strategy to institutionalize future enforcement activities which SFPD, SFMTA Funding Working Group Q2 2015 support Vision Zero including developing menu of needs as neces