VISION Issue 21 - Page 31

31 Design is rarely predictable, the prototype more so. How does this stack up to the renderings and computer-generated graphics? You stand inside, look out and there’s an unexpected integration with the bushland setting. The ceiling reveals itself in unexpected ways in that it folds back with the ceiling height rising from 2.7 metres and then cranks back up to 3 metres high on the outside edge. So that was very pleasant and far better than I would have expected or anticipated. Because of the way glass integrates and provides a rising panorama into the forest canopy? Yes. It’s almost as if the ceiling is a floating object and the glazing extends beyond that and becomes a huge, south facing aperture. How obvious a choice was Viridian’s double-glazing? We only use double-glazing. Their windows and doors definitely add to the general environmental building performance and long-term project value. It’s almost a re-take of Ned Kelly’s visor with this horizontal vista that really takes you into the bush and connects. It’s not an apology for what might have been. We’re fortunate because we don’t overlook neighbours where the best views are. The window on the eastern side is a little more restricted. The northern edge creates a closed down, or bunker effect at the rear, north-facing elevation. What window system have you used? There’s the two and a half metre wide sliding door on the western patio and a similar door south. Bedrooms on the southern edge access the balcony along the southern side. One of the reasons we used Element Windows is the high quality, top mounted mechanisms that slide so easily. What are some of the other design possibilities you see for the ARKit system? ARKit has designed and built projects as diverse as a Fire Tower, an office building for 20, a four storey mini tower, a couple of early learning centres along with our variety of residential projects. Our panelised construction approach is being expanded into a solution for indigenous remote communities. It is a bright future for offsite constructions with PrefabAus aspiring to an increase from 3% to 10-15% of residential building construction projects in the next five years. PROJECT The ARKit House, Wye River, Victoria PRINCIPAL GLAZING CONTRACTOR Element Windows GLAZING RESOURCE ARCHITECT Craig Chatman, ARKit Viridian (Con Kantis) PRINCIPAL GLAZING DESIGN TEAM Craig Chatman, Tristan Burfield, Millie Cattlin Viridian ThermoTechTM Double Glazed Units