VISION Issue 21 - Page 25

25 What about delivery to such a remote site? The major components were delivered and then craned into place. We minimised the usual pre-fabrication build to reduce bulk for transportation. Everything was flat-packed, or panelised. We monitor construction costs from the schematic design stage through design development and documentation stage. We would usually spend more time on-site, a little bit less time in the factory. The panelised system of floor, walls and roof produces a precise fit on-site. Are there any other differences from your more typical pre-fab and assembly? Most of our designs are based on a grid largely because most materials are available in certain widths and lengths. We utilize those economies to the benefit of the project but outside of that it’s a pretty open book. We’re not too constrained by widths because we can join volumes together. Pre-fabrication or modular construction appears to be gaining real momentum but isn’t there still a lingering prejudice against it? Hopefully these projects help address those perceptions. Our materials are at the premium end and factory assembled under tightly controlled conditions. Certainly it’s of a higher standard than a typical builder could manage on-site. We use engineered products wherever possible. Because our assemblies undergo a certain amount of stress during transportation and craning, they are almost over engineered. How does your ARKit system measure up in cost against the standard build? Our system compares pretty well. Our real advantage is a superior quality build. There are tight tolerances in our factory and time-savings that avoid the typical on-site issues. Although this was a partially on-site and factory build, the construction program for the whole project was around five months – including difficult winter conditions. Built conventionally, stick by stick and given the issues of Wye River and site access, it would have taken around 10 to 12 months to construct. While the cost is comparable, our build quality is definitely superior. A long, slot window to the north and steep incline of site provides an appreciable ribbon of daylight and view.