VISION Issue 21 - Page 17

17 THAT PROCESS OF APPROVING GRAPHICS, SCALE AND COLOR WAS QUITE A LENGTHY PROCESS BUT VIRIDIAN WAS ALWAYS FORTHCOMING AND VERY HELPFUL. Robert Ficarra, Architect What have you learned from this project you will use in future? I would definitely explore the potential for the graphic glass to be expressed internally – not remain as an external cladding alone. I would love to see some of the exterior repeated or transferred inside. That would be a big bonus. PROJECT To help blur those boundaries between outside and in? It can be explored. I’ve learned on these projects from that missed opportunity to resolve the external expression with the interior experience. DEVELOPER And that value-adding is often in the details and parts of a project where someone has cared enough to achieve a much better than average result? The whole project should be read more than by a simple curb-side assessment. When you walk through the front door of the common area and each apartment, you will see the level of finesse we have tried to achieve. The Station Hotel, Prahran, VIC ARCHITECT Interlandi Mantesso Architects INTERIOR DESIGN Interlandi Mantesso Architects FACADE ENGINEER Inhabit Group FRAMING FABRICATOR CWI PRINCIPAL GLAZING CONTRACTOR Viridian BUILDER Figurehead Construction Saade Group GLAZING RESOURCE Viridian (Iain Kennedy) PRINCIPAL GLAZING Viridian custom double-print Seraphic DesignTM, heat-s