VISION Issue 21 - Page 15

15 Apartments reveal various treatments to help modify direct light including metal screens, recessed windows and shade projections. Did Viridian assist with the process of glass selection? They provided plenty of samples. They were fantastic, make no mistake. We reviewed the range of colors and seraphic pattern options. That process of approving graphics, scale and color was quite a lengthy process but Viridian was always forthcoming and always very helpful. How did you arrive at such an individual design? We decided upon a graphic that really required a lot of preparation. There is a distinctive relevance about why we chose that design for this building’s overall presence and fabric. We felt that facade would work successfully with the neutral aspect of glass as restricted to white, grey, white and black. That was a conscious decision, to keep the colors to two tones only, but the actual image itself, is actually a microscopic view of the human bone, the skeleton.