VISION Issue 21 - Page 14

14 VISION 21 — ARTGLASS If daylight is one of the great pleasures here, it also has the potential to create the challenge of heat transmission. How does your design respond to that? The glass facade is actually a wall treatment applied to the inside face. Obviously any opening that relies on providing light and ventilation has to be treated in a manner appropriate for energy efficient design. Today that involves the appropriate thickness and type of performance glass, and double-glazing if necessary. The balconies along the north and east facing elevations are recessed balconies to maintain outlook yet restrict direct summer sun. Did your client have any apprehension about your initial renders and sketches? They didn’t waiver at all about such an expression. They were very encouraging and supportive and were really proud of the result. The response and the feedback from the community has been very positive. Any acoustic issues given the proximity of the train line? One of the more typical responses is to design with very small window openings to manage noise. We have this beautiful position with a northwest orientation and wonderful outlook to the city. More than 50 percent of the apartments have a city view which is sensational. At the same time there is a train station at our doorstep. The noise of the trains can be heard, but it is never uncomfortable. THE NOISE OF THE TRAINS CAN BE HEARD, BUT IT IS NEVER UNCOMFORTABLE. Robert Ficarra, Architect