VISION Issue 21 - Page 13

The key north and west elevations are clad in a bespoke curtain wall, glass skin patterned with a microscopic view of human bone. 13 Does the glass screen compromise outlook? No, because the vital layout of the apartment unfolded in a way where the view is required, the window systems are traditionally positioned for outlook within the facade fabric. How did your experience with glass prepare you for this specific response? What has transpired in glass technology over the past few decades has resulted in an ever growing presence in multi-residential developments – and not just applied traditionally for access to light and ventilation. The application of glass facades that were once typified for commercial buildings is transferring. Modern Melbourne apartment buildings, predominantly the taller city buildings are utilizing glass as the facade – being applied creatively and producing a very sleek result. As buildings soar higher, the way we once opened doors and windows to the outside world is no longer permissible and simply doesn’t work. Applying that technology and principles to smaller structures can incur a big penalty because it is such a small component of the building element, but aesthetically it offers a much more pleasi