Visibility of eTwinning Projects Groups July 2019 Newsletter Newsletter 9

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2019 Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group NEWSLETTER 9 ~ Cruising the right oceans ~ July 2019 In this issue:              Transnational groups in eTwinning: A field for collaboration and interaction – Angeliki Kougiourouki, Greece Escape room around the world – Heidi Giese, Germany We are “Small Scientists Across Europe”! – Elisabeth Gustovic, France Recognition of National and European Quality Labels – Rosa Luisa Gaspar, Portugal The importance of eTwinning in CLIL teaching applied to STEM – Enrica Maragliano, Italy Europeana in the classroom – Işıl Gülmez, Turkey International Chess Challenge – eTwinning project – Eugen Grigore, Romania Green IT in school – Iva Naranda, Croatia Understanding the eTwinning Journey: The Case of Lebanon – Samar Al-Kassar, Lebanon Impact of eTwinning network on students and teachers in Albania – Dhurata Myrtollari, Albania eTwinning – an active part of Erasmus+ – Cornelia Melcu, Romania Virgilio – an introduction to eTwinning… and much more! – Paola Arduini, Laura Maffei and Elena Pezzi, Italy Breaking down walls on the European Day of Languages – Andrea Ullrich, Germany Teaching & Learning with eTwinning Editor: Daniela Bunea ISSN 2247-6881 ISSN – L 2247-6881 1