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Scholarship Stories By TRIPP SHEPPARD

Game Changers

VSGA-VIP SCHOLARSHIP FOUN- DATION SCHOLARSHIP RECIPI- ENTS KELLY MCANALLY BROWN (’ 06 ) AND BRITTANY WOO (’ 14 ) are teaching life lessons and leadership skills through their work with The First Tee — Greater Richmond . Collectively , their vibrant young minds are responsible for building “ game changers ” through innovative junior golf programming that helps develop valuable skill sets both on and off the golf course .
( 2014 Spencer-Wilkinson Scholarship Award recipient )
EDUCATION : University of Richmond ( 2014-18 , B . S . Business Administration and Management ; 2019-22 , Master of Nonprofit Studies ). 2010-17 : Seasonal assistant coach , First Tee ( Richmond ) INTERNSHIPS : USGA P . J . Boatwright Jr with VSGA ( summer 2016 ); First Tee in Jacksonville , Fla . ( summer 2017 ); Office of Admissions , UR ( 2017-18 ). WORK EXPERIENCE : Tournament services project assistant , PGA Tour ( July-Nov . 2018 ); Coordinator , Major Gifts and Parent Philanthropy at UR ( Nov . 2018-Feb . 2020 ); Senior Director of Programming , First Tee of Greater Richmond ( Feb . 2020-present ).
Virginia Golfer : What are your earliest
memories of First Tee ?
BW : I have a lot of memories from First
Tee since I ’ ve been a part of it for so long . I started playing golf when I was about 7 years old . Some of my very early memories were when my dad would take me out and we would play what ’ s now called the Discovery Course — the par-3 loop — at the Chesterfield location . Eventually my brothers and I were old enough to sign up for golf classes . I ’ ll admit it — golf was not my forte back then , I don ’ t think . But as I continued with the program , I found it to be very fun and rewarding . Hitting a good shot , sinking putts or being recognized within the class and doing something well — that was all very good for my development as a child . … It was just fun . I had a lot of friends in the program . A lot of them I met when I was probably 9 or 10 and we continued the program until we were 16 or 17 years old . It started at First Tee and then we would start seeing each other at high school tournaments or
Brittany Woo ( left ) with D ' yan Robinson , Fei Rosebro and Kelly McAnally Brown ( right ) at 2022 VSGA Day .
VSGA events . It was that instant connection that I know somebody here … this is going to be a good time … this is familiar and comforting .
VG : You ’ re the Senior Director of Programming for First Tee — Greater Richmond .
Seems like a good fit . Is it ?
BW : I did all of these golf internships but
at the time of graduating there weren ’ t really any open golf positions that I wanted to do or that I was interested in doing . So , I took a two-year hiatus from golf and worked outside of golf for the Development department at the University of Richmond . I really enjoyed my experience there and learned a lot from that specific role , but I think I was yearning to get back into the golf world . When this position opened up , I was definitely intrigued . It has been a good role for me professionally
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