Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 9

What are your dreams for the future of Woody Caravans? World Domination, no only joking! If we can keep the steady flow of work going and break into a new markets to allow us to keep being creative and helping everyone from big businesses all the way through to families achieve their dreams of doing something different to stand out from the crowd. What is the approximate price range of a custom made Woody? Custom Woody Caravans start at around $22,000 and shipping costs to the United States are around $2,500 from our factory to Long Beach, California. Do you still make camping caravans to order? What we call our Holiday Woody’s are something we still do build but only account for maybe 5% of our production which is something we also would love to do more of but it always comes down to building what customers order. Where did the latest USA caravan go to and what will it be used for? Our first Caravan to the USA is now based at Redondo Beach California for a new business set up by an incredible lady by the name of Carley Beimel. Her business is called Coastal Cocktails and she caters social events and parties. What do you do when you are not working on caravans, how do you spend your spare time? We spend a lot of time with family, as finding the perfect balance of work/life is always a hard thing to do but we also love to travel. Morrie also has a passion for racing cars, which is something he has been doing for the last thirty years and my passion usually revolves around his love of playing guitar and writing music in bands. To find out more about Woody Caravans go to: Instagram: @woodycaravans Facebook: Woody Caravans vintagetrailermagazine | 7