Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 8

(Ed’s note: Aw thanks Shane! I’m blushing!) What is a “Woody Caravan”? A Woody Caravan is a caravan that has been built from the chassis up using mainly timber/wood-based products. From external structure to all internal cabinetry we use plywood and solid timber. Who are your customers mainly? Our main customers would be for our Events/Bar style Woody Caravans although we are getting a lot more requests these days for one off custom builds as well. Where have some of your Woody Caravans ended up? We are very proud to say that not only do we have 60+ Woody Caravans based in Australia but we also have customers with Woody Caravans in London UK, Paris France, Coral Coast Fiji and now in Redondo Beach California USA. Which is your most famous Woody Caravan? That’s a hard one as we have built some fairly well known Woody Caravans over the years. I would say a top three for different reasons would be: Stone & Wood Brewery Woody Caravan (as who doesn’t mind a nice Pacific Ale on a hot day), “My Little Peony” (that took part in the 2016 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras) and “Lawdy Miss Claudy” (who has received a lot of attention on Social Media with her incredible photos) But I believe all of our customers are famous in their own communities. What is your favorite part of the job? We get to meet some incredible and very inspiring people with our job from all walks of life from some of the biggest corporations in the world all the way down to first time business owners that put everything on the line for a dream that they have. To see our customers achieve their dreams is one of those things that brings a massive smile to my face. What makes Woody Caravans so special? I don’t know if you would say there is anything really special about Woody Caravans, just a lot of self belief, hard work, dedication, hard work, bit of luck and did I mention hard work? What has been the highlight of your business so far? On a personal level I would say getting to work and be creative on a daily basis. On a business level I would say recognition we have earned in becoming a company that is known worldwide. 6 | vintagetrailermagazine