Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 44

company that specializes in this kind of upholstery. The interior walls were wallpapered then painted white, and the floor was finished off in black and white checkered vinyl, of course! The outside of the caravan was then given a brand new shiny paint job on the outside and trimmed with 8mm RVS chrome mirror plating and finished off with stainless steel rivets for that extra bling bling. The large rear bus tail lights were especially ordered from the USA. “Over here in Europe it is normal that there is a big case at the front of the trailer”, explains Dirk, “but we replaced this cargo box to make it look more like the American trailers so I had two polished gas tanks mounted on the A-frame instead”. But using a little bit of Dutch ingenuity, the tanks do not actually contain any propane gas and have been put to use for another purpose, cut in half and used as a storage area for the awning ropes and pegs. 42 | vintagetrailermagazine